Ambassador Program

About Lucky Sweater

Lucky Sweater is the place to trade slow fashion and handmade items in welcoming community spaces with the slow fashion and maker communities.

Apply for the program

The form takes just 1 minute to complete.

Ambassador rewards

  • $200 total for your first 2 Reels (or TikToks) ($100 each). We ask for usage rights/the ability to repost these on our social platforms too.
  • $25 for every 5 people who join with your unique code and each add at least 1 item to Lucky Sweater. This is our current invite referral experience on the app for all community members except as an ambassador you can choose to receive a gift card or direct payment. Continue to share Instagram stories, photos, Tiktoks, newsletter features, and anything else that you think will garner sign-ups from your community!

Reward redemption details

  • We will pay you $100 within 7 days of you posting a video. We will email you within 7 days each time you qualify for an affiliate pay out too.
  • You let us know at each pay out if you would like a direct payment or a gift card.

Refer a friend to the program, too!

Have a friend/contact you think is also a great fit for our influencer/ambassador program? Please send them this page. If they end up applying and joining our program, we will provide a $25 payout for each who joins us. (There is a quesiton in the application form to mention who reffered you so we will keep track!)
Here is some sample copy you can use:
I recently partnered with the
Lucky Sweater App, the app that makes it easy and fun to trade and share advice around slow fashion and handmade pieces/supplies. They are looking for more awesome slow fashion and maker creators and I thought of you! You can learn more and apply here. They pay for both posting content and for sign ups.
Reach out to me if you have any questions!
Apply for the program

The form takes just 1 minute to complete.

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