FAQs & Help Center

Hi there! Here are some answers to help you make the most of your Lucky Sweater experience. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us at support@luckysweater.com. We'd love to hear your suggestions, questions, and feature requests.


Does it cost anything to be a member of the app?

Can I invite my friends? How do I invite people to the platform?

Who founded Lucky Sweater?

What are Lucky Sweater’s values?

How can I support Lucky Sweater? What is the Lucky Sweater Sustainer 🍀 membership?

Can I leave a community?

Does it cost anything to be a member of the app?

🏷 Items & Brands

What items are available on Lucky Sweater?
What types of items can I trade?

Where does the Slow Fashion community brand list come from?

What makes a Slow Fashion-approved brand?

How can I add a brand to the Slow Fashon brand list?

What if I don't have a slow fashion item?

🔄 Trading + The Weekly Swap Drop

How does trading work?

When can I trade?

How do I make sure my items get into the swap drop?

What if I miss the swap drop?

How do I get reminded/not forget about the swap drop?

How many pieces can I trade?
How long can I keep a piece?
How do I bring an item back to the community/relist an item?
What makes for a fair trade?
Can we exchange money in addition to trading in case the two pieces have different values?
Can I buy and sell?
Can I gift items?
What is Item Protection 🛡️?

📬 Sending Items

How do I ship items?

💬 Discussions & Looks

What can I post about in discussions?

How do I find/navigate to discussions and outfit looks?
Who moderates the communities?
What type of photos can I post in the community looks section?

✋ Feedback & Support

What if I need help?

What if I get an item in a trade that does not match the listing details?
How do I provide feedback?
I would like to request a feature.
What if I see content that is disrespectful or graphic on the platform?