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Trading is the new buying

Forget the FOMO and flash sales that drive us to buy things we don't even need. Instead, join the community to swap for your next favorite thing.

Patterned Dress
Patterned Dress - XS
NorBlack NorWhite
Grace S. - @speedgracer77
Arena Dress
Arena Dress - 1X
Ace & Jig
Jenn T. - @jennthomas
Emma Dress, Gold Linen
Emma Dress, Gold Linen - 36
Paloma Wool
Whitney P. - @setinplace
Print Tee
Print Tee - M
Anat R. - @rosey_bst
High Waisted Pants
High Waisted Pants - S
Formation Design Studio
Kate - @k8tron.vintage
Caramel Popcorn Sweater
Caramel Popcorn Sweater - L
Misha & Puff
Carol - @aceandpockets

Trade for your new favorite thing 

Find items you love and give items to those who will treasure them. We provide no-fuss search, filter, and browse experiences to make trading feel more fun than buying something new. You'll save money too!

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Brands that care about the planet 🌎

Lucky Sweater’s unlimited shared slow fashion wardrobe includes brands you already love, new ones to discover, up-and-coming sustainable makers, size-inclusive labels, and designers who are also members of the Lucky Sweater community.

Elizabeth Suzann
Elizabeth Suzann
Safran Everyday
Safran Everyday
Paloma Wool
Paloma Wool
Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective
Ace & Jig
Ace & Jig

Join our weekly swap drops!

Join the community for an online community clothing swap. Say bye to fast fashion and hello to community-powered trading for pieces you’ll love.

1. List

Share items you have to trade and the items you want to receive.

2. Browse

Check out 1,000+ items up for trade. . A new batch of items from the community go live every Tuesday in the weekly swap drop.

3. Trade

Find your trade matches, request trades, and enjoy! 

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Get advice and tips from a community that gets it

Have a question about a certain brand? About the fit of a pair of jeans? Who makes the best bike shorts? Ask and learn with the community.

Kind words from our members ❤️

"Lucky Sweater makes clothing swap magic happen. I've had 3 successful trades there so far and have felt so happy with each one."

Ashley Z.


"I love using Lucky Sweater and as someone who’s newer to slow fashion and trading, I’ve really appreciated how much fun and interesting the app has made things. Thanks for all you’re doing!"

Taylor B.

"Absolutely loving the app. I have made some incredible trades and I always look forward to opening the app to see what else everyone has put up! It's so much fun."

Erika L.
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A special thank you to our community members who contributed photos to our website:

  • Candice @candi_stylzs
  • Kaitlin @windycitythrifter
  • Sali @market.gal
  • Bess @oppositeofcool_closet
  • Maggie @______inthemaking
  • Grace @speedgracer77
  • Whitney @setinplace
  • Jenn @jennthomason
  • Anat @rosey_bst
  • Kate @k8tron.vintage
  • [For Safran Everyday] Photographer: Keegan @keeganvangorder, Model: Jade
  • Kisa @pajamachic
  • Jessie G @coffeeisforclothes 
  • Carol @aceandpockets
  • Katherine @piesafecloset