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We’re here to help you say bye to fast fashion and hello to community-powered trading for pieces you’ll love.

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1. List

List items you’re in search of (we say ISO for short) and the items you have to trade. Add your items before Tuesday at 12pm PT to have them make it into the weekly swap drop!

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2. Browse

Hang out with the community and browse 1,000s+ slow fashion items up for trade all week.

3. Trade

Star items you love. Get a star back and you'll get a match! Then request to trade and enjoy. Once a trade is accepted, you arrange shipping in the chat.

Be a part of a shared story

We believe the more we wear and share our items, the more special they become. Easily re-list items with your stories and memories to continue the shared clothing journey.

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion advocates for quality garments that will last longer, and values fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet along the way.

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The Lucky Sweater and slow fashion moderator team review community-submitted brands each month and add them to the platform if they meet the following key characteristics >

  • Made from high-quality, sustainable materials

  • More timeless than trendy

  • Often sold in smaller stores rather than huge chain enterprises

  • Locally sourced, produced, and sold garments

  • Provide a fair, living wage to workers across its supply chain

  • Size inclusive

Our slow fashion mod team

The slow fashion community discussion (and trading!) spaces are moderated by a group of helpful slow fashion experts and fellow swappers. They review brands, share item advice, and help make Lucky Sweater a welcoming and safe space. Make sure to say hi once you join us! 

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Atlanta, GA
Hello from Moria (pronounced like Mariah), one of the community moderators of the slow fashion community on Lucky Sweater. I live in Atlanta with my husband, tween angel, and half Aussie/Catahoula, Merle. My slow fashion journey began in early 2017. Some of the first influencers I followed led me to Pyne & Smith, Tradlands, and Elizabeth Suzann. It sorta snowballed from there.

I’m part of Lucky Sweater because using tech to create community and achieve goals is very inspiring. Trading is such a personal way to build a sustainable wardrobe and extend the journey of our clothes. Founders Carley and Tanya are building the world they want to see and I’m so excited that they asked me to come along for the ride.
Moria Mod Head Shot
Detroit, MI
Hi there! My name is Sarah, aka lil_paczki , and I'm one of the community moderators of the slow fashion community on Lucky Sweater. I currently reside in Metro Detroit, living with my husband and 3 dogs—a lab mix, Bichon, and a Norwegian Buhund. If you ever want photos, or want to chit-chat about training, AKC events, or raw feeding, let me know!

My journey into the slow/ethical fashion community started in late 2018, early 2019, when I began joining insta and participating in the community. It was a real eye-opener and I started to think differently about my clothing consumption and who made it. My tops brands are Free Label, Conscious Clothing, Sotela, Only Child, ARQ, Mien Studios, and American Eagle (yes, a "fast fashion" brand).
Moria Mod Head Shot
Seattle, WA
I am Angela (she/her/hers), one of the community moderators of the slow fashion community on Isthmus. I currently live in Seattle, where I was born and raised, but will soon be moving back to NYC to start the next chapter of my life as a post-doctoral research scientist! I am also a proud mom to my 16-year-old Tuxedo cat, Yin Yang (please let me know if you'd like me to spam you with photos).

I grew up going to yard/garage sales and thrift shopping with my mom, mainly hunting for funky shoes, vintage trench coats, and OOAK jewelry pieces. I didn't officially "start" my slow fashion journey until I discovered Elizabeth Suzann in 2019, and I have since learned about so many other incredible brands! Some of my favorites include Ilana Kohn, James Street Co, Aliya Wanek, and Arq. I am a jumpsuit, outerwear, and beanie lover. Send me all your recommendations!

How to submit a brand

On Lucky Sweater, we have a list of approved slow fashion brands you can trade. We know that as the landscape of slow and sustainable fashion makers is constantly evolving, so too should our list of accepted brand evolve. That's why we love having members submit suggested brands!

Check out our brand list and submit a brand!
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