How it works

Unlimited community closets

We’re here to help you say bye to buying new and hello to community-powered trading for pieces you’ll love.

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1. List

List items you’re in search of (we say ISO for short) and the items you have to trade. Add your items before Tuesday at 12pm PT to have them make it into the weekly swap drop!

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2. Browse

Hang out with the community and browse 1,000s of slow fashion, vintage, and handmade items up for trade all week.

3. Trade

Star items you love. Get a star back and you'll get a match! Then request to trade and enjoy. Once a trade is accepted, you arrange shipping in the chat.

Be a part of a shared story

We believe the more we wear and share our items, the more special they become. Easily re-list items with your stories and memories to continue the shared clothing journey.

Turning closets into communities

Come for the clothes, stay for the community. Never have to buy again.