Our Story

We started Lucky Sweater to help anyone and everyone discover and reconnect with what they love and find the people who love these things too. We plan to bring you a community for any of your favorite things.

We provide the tools and spaces to help you learn, grow, trade, and have fun hanging out together. Because sharing things with friends is so much cooler than keeping up with trends.

Want to start another community on Lucky Sweater or be a member of a future group?

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We believe it’s time for a more equal and fun world. 

- More sharing.
- Less buying. 
- More hanging out.
- Less feeling alone.
- More re-love.
- Less waste.

Our team

Tanya Dastyar

Tanya Dastyar

Co-Founder / CPO / CTO
I’m Tanya. I’m a maker at heart whether it’s through design, coding, jewelry making, or any other way to get my hands dirty. My personal mission is to reinforce the things that really matter in life, like community and relationships. I’m excited to be challenging the status quo of overconsumption in an effort to bring a little magic back to our stuff. I started my career leading product for Microsoft News and Microsoft Managed Desktop, before transitioning into freelance Product Design.
Carley Lake

Carley Lake

Co-Founder / CEO
I’m Carley. I've been told I have the style of a “grandma mixed with a middle schooler on her first day of school". I’m the founder and editor of the sustainable fashion site Thoughtfulflamingo.com, named one of Eluxe Magazine’s 11 eco-friendly blogs to follow. I was one of the first 500 employees at Uber, co-launched Uber Eats, and led Uber’s global safety marketing and initiatives. I started my career as a digital strategist at Ogilvy & Mather for clients SC Johnson, Ford, Kimberly Clark, and Jim Beam.
Anthony Nadaletti
Anthony Nadaletti
Founding Engineer
I'm Anthony. I’m very passionate about web and mobile development, with an extra love for design. I'm constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques and strive to better myself as a developer, and the development community as a whole. I was a Software Engineer at TurnoverBnB and Belasis prior to Lucky Sweater. It's being amazing working with this team to build a great place where people can connect and share with their communities.
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The Community Pool

Want a chance to receive a Sustainer membership? Dive into the pool! 🏊

The community pool is a special, giving-back initiative that enables people to receive Sustainer memberships through the generosity of fellow community members.

Community pool raffles will occur on a rolling basis, based on the number of gifted memberships available. If you join the community pool, you could be randomly chosen to win a 3, 6, or 12-month Sustainer membership, all thanks to donations from the community!
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