Trading 101

Whether you're new to trading or a seasoned pro, Lucky Sweater is the perfect place to trade unique items with like-minded people. Follow these steps to find your next favorite piece and make a successful trade!

1️⃣ Upload your items

Snap photos of your item and take note of any flaws. It's important to list accurate details and measurements, as brand sizes can vary. This helps ensure a smooth trade.

Add your items before Tuesday at 12pm PT each week so they make it in the weekly swap drop!

What photos must be included?
Why are listing measurements important?
What size should I add? Should it be the size on the tag or how I think it fits?
What does the “Trade Preference” section of the item listing page mean?

2️⃣ Share what you’re in search of (ISOs)

Add the items, brands, or even styles you’re in search of to your ISO list to help you best find your trading tango partners! 🙂💃

You can add ISOs while you are uploading items, via the “Trade Preference” dropdown or via your Profile in the “ISO” tab. We can’t wait for you to discover new brands/items that become your new favorite wardrobe staples and to find the items on your ISO list you’ve been coveting for years! 🦄

Where can I find what other people are searching for (their ISOs)?
Start Browsing
When do the latest items up for trade go live?
Save the items you love
What is a save match?

5️⃣ Request a trade

Interested in an item? Tap “Message about a trade” on a member’s item listing page. Suggest an item you think they'd like from your closet, or keep it open-ended so they can check out your closet and see what they like! Requesting a trade is also a great way to start getting to know the community and make friends. 

Here are some messaging examples you can send with your trade request!:

  • "Hey there! I'm really interested in your [item], and I'd be happy to trade it for my [item]. What do you think?"

  • "Hi friend! I noticed you have [item] on your ISO list, and I just happen to have it! Would you be interested in trading for my [item]?"

  • "Hello! I would love to trade my [item] for your [item]. Let me know if that sounds good to you!"

  • "Hey, I saw you were looking for [item], and I think I have the perfect trade in mind! Would you be interested in swapping your [item] for my [item]?"

  • "Greetings! Your [item] caught my eye, and I have a [item] that I think would be a great trade. Let me know if you're interested!"

  • "Hey there! I love [item name], and I would love to trade for it. Would love to have you check out my closet and let me know if there's anything you're interested in!"

How do I know the value of an item? How do I know I am requesting a fair/even trade?
What if I want to buy an item?

6️⃣ Do the trade tango

Once you or your fellow community member send a trade request, you can start chatting and always edit the trade request for another item. 

You can also discuss details like the condition of the items, any additional items you could add to the trade, and shipping preferences. Once you've reached an agreement, tap “Accept trade” (if you are the one reached out to) at the top of the chat and get ready to ship your items!

We ask for timely communication. Trades also expire after 6 days so message away!

What if I want to pass on the trade? What is good trade etiquette here?

7️⃣ Ship the item and get your item in return.

Once you've both accepted the trade, you can share your address directly in the chat by tapping “Share Address”. Right now all shipping costs and labels are handled outside the app. We recommend Pirate Ship. 

We also recommend letting each other know if you have any shipping preferences, sharing tracking numbers in the chat by tapping “Share Tracking Number” with each other once shipped, and updating each other when the items have arrived.

How do I pack the item?

8️⃣ Rock your item and leave a thank you note

We hope you love your traded item! Share photos of your latest trade in the Community tab and leave a thank you note for your trader. Let's reward amazing and trustworthy community members together! 

What happens if the item is different than described?
What if I don’t like the item?
What if I don’t receive the trade or I sent my item and my fellow trader hasn’t answered me in a few days?
Where you find your thing.

Come for the clothes, stay for the community. Never have to buy again.