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Make a contribution to our community membership pool or gift a one-time membership directly to a friend or a community member of your choice! 

Gifting and giving memberships is how we help keep Lucky Sweater inclusive and accessible for all. We and the community greatly appreciate your gift! 

No recurring charges or commitments.

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The Community Pool

Want a chance to receive a Sustainer membership? Dive into the pool! 🏊

The community pool is a special, giving-back initiative that enables people to receive Sustainer memberships through the generosity of fellow community members.

Community pool raffles will occur on a rolling basis, based on the number of gifted memberships available. If you join the community pool, you could be randomly chosen to win a 3, 6, or 12-month Sustainer membership, all thanks to donations from the community!
Join the pool raffle

Thank you to our generous community pool gifters!

  • Mandi C. @mandicavanaugh
  • Angela M. @crowleyL703
  • Anonymous
  • Liz S. @liztheblizz
  • Lisa @lisaKC
  • Cynthia C. @pdxcyn
  • Diana @dle

Gifting FAQ

What are the Lucky Sweater Sustainer membership benefits?

Can a current Sustainer member receive this gift?
Can I donate a membership/give back to the general community?
How can I apply for the Community pool raffle?
Does my gift expire?
How do I redeem a gift code?
What happens after the membership gifted months expire? Does the receiver automatically get enrolled in the membership and have to pay ongoing?
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