The Buy & Sell Days Pilot Event

The Buy & Sell Days Pilot Event

We love how the Lucky Sweater community grows and thrives on the magic of trading. We also recognize not everyone may have items to trade, especially within the slow fashion space. Sometimes, our bodies change, making 1:1 trades not doable. At times, we might simply wish to pare down our closets without seeking anything in return. Or perhaps, we've had our eyes on a "unicorn" that just doesn’t make for a great trade match with anything currently in our closets. 

For these reasons, and also thanks to your feedback in the business model survey and the huge interest we've seen across the community, we're excited to test a dedicated, separate space and set time for buying and selling. Our first pilot event will be open to US-based users starting this Friday, 3/15 at 12PM ET, through Monday, 3/18 11:59PM PT.

From there, based on your feedback, we will decide how to iterate on the event to make it fit with our Lucky Sweater community ethos of mindful consumption.


We will do buying and selling differently, the Lucky Sweater way. It will be slower, mindful, and community-first. It won’t be every day. It won’t be a constant stream of items for non-stop consumption. It will be a special time to come together as a community.

What is the pilot?

How does this impact trading?

Can I continue to add items to the event even after it starts?

How do I list items for sale?
Who can participate?
How does shipping work?
How do the fees work for non-Sustainer 🍀 members?
How do the fees work for Sustainer 🍀 members?
How does sales tax work?
How will I receive my earnings as a seller?
Do I need to file taxes/fill out a 1099-K tax form as a seller?