Item Protection

Ensuring you get the item you expected with no major issues is one of our top priorities. For this reason, we have a $2.99 USD Item Protection fee you can choose to pay each time you trade for an added layer of protection and security. 

We provide this protection free for your first trade. Lucky Sweater Sustainer 🍀 members also have Item Protection included for all trades and get automatic protection at no extra cost! 

This fee covers:

1. Protection of your items 

With Item Protection you can send and receive cherished items with peace of mind. 

If the item you receive falls into one of the below categories:

  • Is significantly not as described in the item description
  • Doesn't arrive within 3 weeks of the day of shipment
  • Arrives significantly damaged
…. and you have paid for Item Protection, or are a Sustainer member, you will see a shield icon 🛡️ within the chat of the trade that has the issue. Tap here to send details of your issue to the Lucky Sweater team. 

When you message us via this shield form we are notified right away that you have Item Protection to provide you with this premium and priority support. 

Here are a few ways the Lucky Sweater team will provide coverage and assistance if you purchase this protection:
  • If an item never gets delivered or is damaged, the Lucky Sweater can work directly with the delivery partner to first submit a service request to better understand the situation. From there, the Lucky Sweater team will help with a full or partial refund for the secondhand value of the item.
  • If an item is significantly not as described, as confirmed by the Lucky Sweater team, the Lucky Sweater team will assist you in a trade-back. A trade-back means items are returned to the original owners. Lucky Sweater will work with the involved parties to resolve the issue.

The Lucky Sweater and community moderator teams work hard to have all item listings be detailed, clear, and represent the item fully. Should accounts be in violation of misrepresenting items, we may send an email warning or take temporary or permanent action on this account’s privileges. You can read more about this in our Community Guidelines.

2. Premium customer support from our founding team

For any issues related to items you paid the protection fee for, we will provide you with premium and weekend support to help resolve this issue promptly. If you are a Lucky Sweater Sustainer 🍀 member, you will receive this premium support for all items and any issues on the platform.  

As a reminder, please make sure to tap the shield icon 🛡️ within the trade chat to receive this support. 

We’re here to ensure you have smooth and successful trades on Lucky Sweater! 

Additional Item Protection 🛡️ Details

Lucky Sweater shipping and outside shipping services:
This fee helps cover your items whether your item is shipped using the in-app shipping service or outside shipping service. 

Thank you for supporting Lucky Sweater: This fee also enables us to fairly financially support the Lucky Sweater team, grow to more communities, and continue all of the work that goes behind building this platform! 

Lucky Sweater Sustainer 🍀: If you would like to have all of your items covered and protected and get even more premium benefits and experiences on Lucky Sweater, beome a Lucky Sweater Sustainer 🍀 member!
 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at
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