Me-Made Trade

Me-Made trade is coming! 

You’ve asked for it and now it’s (almost) time for a me-made community!

We’re making this community just for the makers—for the knitters, the crocheters, the sewists, the menders, the upcycle artists, the embroiderers, the beginners, the experts, and all in between!

Join the waitlist so you're one stitch closer to sharing advice, inspiration, and handmade pieces and supplies (like fabrics, notions, and yarn!) with the me-made community.

Invite friends, get $25 

For every 5 people who join, add 1 item to the platform and say in the waitlist form they heard about the launch from you, you will earn a $25 gift card to the slow fashion or crafting brand of your choice! 

Tag @lucky.sweater and use #MeMadeTrade on TikTok and Instagram to spread the word and earn!