Discover Ace & Jig for Less: Top 5 Must-Have Pieces Available for Trade on Lucky Sweater

Slow Fashion Brands

At Lucky Sweater, our heart beats for sustainable fashion, and today, we're spotlighting a gem in the slow fashion realm: Ace & Jig. This brand is a celebration of vibrant patterns, sustainable practices, and the joy of textiles that tell stories.

The Ace & Jig Philosophy: A Tapestry of Color and Commitment

Ace & Jig is a canvas where creativity meets sustainability. Known for their striking use of color and pattern, each piece is like a wearable work of art. But it's not just the aesthetics that make Ace & Jig special; it's their dedication to ethical production and fostering long-term relationships with their textile artisans.

Why Ace & Jig Shines Brightly

What sets Ace & Jig apart is their unique approach to textile creation. They collaborate closely with weavers in India to create custom, handwoven fabrics that are as beautiful as they are durable. This commitment to craft and community aligns perfectly with our ethos at Lucky Sweater.

Our Pledge to Eco-Conscious Fashion with Ace & Jig

Boasting over 550 secondhand Ace & Jig pieces for trade, we're proud to uplift their mission through our platform. By integrating Ace & Jig into our circular fashion economy, we offer you a way to experience this brand's exceptional craftsmanship while supporting sustainable fashion.

Spotlight on Ace & Jig: Top 5 Secondhand Treasures on Lucky Sweater

We've curated the top 5 Ace & Jig pieces that have our community buzzing with the most saves! From their signature striped dresses to playful skirts, these items showcase the best of what Ace & Jig offers – all available for trade.

1. Ace & Jig Bounce Nadia Dress

Brand Ace & Jig Category Dresses Size L Color Orange Condition Brand new Description New with tags

Available to trade from @smar.hara

Brand: Ace & Jig

Category: Dresses

Size: L

Color: Orange

Condition: Brand new

Description: New with tags

2. Ace & Jig - Brookline Pants

Ace & Jig - Brookline Pants

Available to trade from @racharteaga

About the item

Brand: Ace & Jig

Category: Pants & Trousers

Size: M

Color: Blue

Condition: Used - Excellent

Description: Fit like a S/M. Length is 33”. I’ve worn them a couple times and now ready for something else!

3. Ace & Jig - Winnie Top

Ace & Jig - Winnie Top

Available to trade from @jenny_moscato

About the Item

Brand: Ace & Jig

Category: Tops

Size: XS

Color: Green

Condition: Used - Excellent

Description: Cactus green and bright peach singlecloth plaid. The biceps are just a little tight for these guns 💪. Not getting the wear it deserves. Always get compliments by all kindsa folks when I take it out! Sad, but need to let it go.

4. Ace & Jig - Noah Dress

Ace & Jig - Noah Dress

Available to trade from @slowmotiontailor

About the item

Brand: Ace & Jig

Category: Dresses

Size: XS

Color: Purple

Condition: Used - Good

Description: Ace & Jig Noah dress. Can’t remember the textile name! No obvious flaws that I can find! Put as “good” condition to be safe! Sorry for the bad lighting in my photos!! Got this in a trade and unfortunately it’s too big! Super cute tiered dress with a ruched neckline and elasticated sleeves. Midi length. Has a removable, self-tie fabric belt.

5. Ace & Jig - Orchid Dress

Available to trade from @bikeclothes

About the item

Brand: Ace & Jig

Category: Dresses

Size: S

Color: Pink

Condition: Used - Good

Description:Fabric shows minor wear. No tag at center back but there is a garment care tag. Is a fairly straight cut, though it’s no harbor dress! Has spot on back near waist, see photo.

Engage with Ace & Jig Through Lucky Sweater

Trading Ace & Jig items on Lucky Sweater goes beyond a simple swap. It's about embracing a lifestyle that values sustainability, craftsmanship, and the stories behind our clothes. We invite you to explore the range of Ace & Jig items we have, share tips, and find inspiration in our community forums.

**Embark on a Sustainable Fashion Voyage with Us

Join us as we continue to champion incredible brands like Ace & Jig. Whether you're just starting on your sustainable fashion journey or you're a seasoned advocate, Lucky Sweater is your platform to engage, discover, and contribute to a more sustainable fashion world.

Together, let's make an impact, one beautiful piece at a time. Explore our curated list of slow fashion brands and see how you can be a part of the change with Lucky Sweater.

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