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What's On Our Minds

We're thrilled to introduce a new app redesign that’s all about making Lucky Sweater feel more like home, where all aspects of your style and communities come together seamlessly.

We've reimagined the app to make it easier to use by offering all the communities you love—either together or in individually tailored spaces.

We hope you enjoy this new update that brings together all your interests and communities, offering both a holistic view and focused exploration! 

How it works

See all you love in one place 👗🧶🐌

When you first open the app, you'll be greeted with all items, discussions, and looks from all your communities in a single space—the “All” space! This unified view is the main attraction, offering an immediate and comprehensive glimpse of everything at once.

When viewing "All," you'll notice an emoji next to each content piece indicating its community—Vintage 👗 for vintage, Me-Made 🧶 for handmade items, or Slow Fashion 🐌 for sustainable fashion. 

Navigate communities with just a tap

If you're looking for a more focused experience, you can select content from a single community with ease. Just tap on the specific group’s tab at the top of the app to isolate its content. From there, you can further refine what you see – items, looks, saves, and more – using the bottom app navigation. Plus, swiping left or right offers a seamless way to navigate through the app.

Easily filter for items and posts across communities

In the Trades section's "All" view, you can identify filtering categories applicable to all communities and those for specific ones. For example, Vintage 👗 offers a filter for Decades, whereas Me Made 🧶 provides one for Skill Levels. When you apply a specific filter unique to one community, all displayed items will automatically correspond to that community and the filter you've selected.

Similarly, when searching discussion topics, you can easily determine which community each belongs to by the emoji displayed next to it. Selecting a topic specific to one community will automatically show posts from that community related to your chosen topic.

Contribute to the right community

No more guessing where you're contributing. Whenever you add an item, look, or post, we'll always prompt you to choose the community it belongs to, ensuring clarity and ease.

Easily access your trade requests & chats

Thanks to your requests, Messages have been intuitively relocated to the bottom right, ensuring that staying connected with your community is just a thumb-swipe away at all times. 

With Messages now in the bottom right of the app, we’ve moved your Profile/Closet to the top right of the homepage and the Activity Feed to the top left. Easily manage your fashion items, settings, ISOs, and more with a homepage tap! 

A special thanks to everyone who wrote in with layout and navigation suggestions and participated in our testing sessions for these updates! Every aspect of this update was carefully designed with your needs in mind, to enhance your Lucky Sweater journey and foster a more enjoyable, connected experience. 

As you explore the new layout, we hope you'll find it to be an even cozier, fun, and welcoming space.

As always, if you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know at support@luckysweater.com. It’s a big update, so we want to make sure it works the best it can for you. 

Enjoy the magic of Lucky Sweater's new update!

Carley, Tanya, & Anthony - The Lucky Sweater Team

Turning closets into communities

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