Lacey shares how she builds her "comfy cute" style

We're delighted to present a special Behind the Wears with our newest Slow Fashion community moderator, Lacey! Lacey is a vibrant, creative soul with an eye for comfy-cute styles and a passion for sustainable living. Dive in to discover more about her fashion philosophy, her unique style inspirations, and her favorite Lucky Sweater trade!

Lacey! We are so excited to have you on the mod team. Can you tell us a quick few sentences about yourself?!

I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and moved to Seattle in June of 2022 with my pup, Lucy, and my husband, Matthew. I love to go for walks, paddle board, draw, and read. I currently work for the Downtown Seattle Association and run a little side business where I sell my art prints.

How would you describe your personal style in one sentence?

I describe my style simply as “comfy cute”: wearing something that I feel confident in while also being comfortable enough to move around and keep up with an active lifestyle.

Lacey in a vintage dress.

Where do you find inspiration for your style?

I find inspiration in so many ways: Pinterest, people watching (Seattle is a stylish city!), instagram creators, and experimenting while thrifting or within my own closet. 

What is your favorite Lucky Sweater trade you have done?

Before my move, I downgraded my closet a ton so I haven’t done many trades, but I can say that my style trade of a youswim suit will be a longtime favorite. I received the Eva high waist suit in a stunning blue and I don’t think I’ll wear a different suit all summer. 

Lacey wears an all secondhand outfit!

Are there any brands/designers that you love at the moment?

I’ve been loving Vagabond lately, their shoes are so fun and I especially love their classic yet modern take on sandals and mary jane flats. 

Sweater vest is from Etsy, dyed with Rit Dye.

Lastly, what’s your favorite tip to create a unique but also sustainable wardrobe?

My rule of thumb is to try to resist buying based on what’s trendy at the time. First, try and see if you can recreate a trendy look with what you have, if that doesn’t work out then look for it second hand, and if after all that you still think the piece would be a longtime closet addition, snag it new!

A thrifted vintage jacket too!

That's a wrap on our Behind the Wears feature with Lacey! Her journey provides a compelling glimpse into how comfort, style, and sustainability can harmoniously coexist. If you're intrigued by Lacey's "comfy-cute" style, be sure to check out her closet on Lucky Sweater and who knows, you might find your next favorite item to trade!

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