What are slow fashion brands + top 10 traded on Lucky Sweater

Slow Fashion Brands

Ready to dive into the world of slow fashion brands? It's a fun, vibrant space where quality rules over quantity, sustainability is the star, and your wardrobe becomes a source of joy, not stress. Whether you're a slow fashion pro or just dipping your toes, this guide is for you. We'll cover the whys and hows of slow fashion brands, how trading them on Lucky Sweater amps up the fun, and introduce you to the brands our community trades the most. So let's explore the fabulous world of slow fashion brands!

What are Slow Fashion Brands?

Slow fashion brands are the antidote to fast fashion. These brands, unlike their mainstream counterparts, prioritize sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and high-quality, long-lasting products. They shun high-speed, low-cost mass production in favor of creating timeless pieces that respect both garment workers and the environment.

The Impact of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion significantly contributes to global environmental issues. According to a 2020 report from the Global Fashion Agenda, the fashion industry accounts for about 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, or approximately 4% of the global total. Moreover, an estimated 92 million tons of textiles waste is created annually, the majority of which ends up in landfills or incinerated.

And a 2020 study by McKinsey revealed that consumers wear only about 20% of their wardrobes regularly. Astonishingly, 80% of our clothing items are rarely, if ever, worn!

Why Buy from Slow Fashion Brands?

Choosing slow fashion brands is an act of resistance against this unsustainable trend. When you invest in slow fashion, you're opting for clothing that lasts, reducing waste and your environmental footprint. You're advocating for fair wages and conditions for workers. Plus, you're embracing a unique, personal style over fleeting fashion trends. It's an ethical, sustainable choice that empowers individuals and communities.

Slow Fashion: Slowing Down and Being Thoughtful

Slow fashion is about more than just supporting the right brands. It's about slowing down our consumption, being more mindful in our purchasing decisions, and truly appreciating and wearing what we already own. It's about recognizing the wealth of garments that already exist in other people's closets, awaiting a second life.

Trading Slow Fashion Brands on Lucky Sweater

This ethos is the heart of Lucky Sweater. We've created a community space where slow fashion brands enthusiasts can express their style, share advice, and trade favorite items. Imagine having access to a shared, curated closet, full of unique pieces from your beloved slow fashion brands, all available for trade.

How to Trade Slow Fashion Brands on Lucky Sweater

Join the Slow Fashion community on Lucky Sweater, catalogue your items, discover new brands, find style inspirations, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Then get to trading!:

List items you’re in search of (ISO) and the items you have to trade. We ask that all items are from brands on our vetted slow fashion brand list.

Check out the 1,000s of items from the community. Items drop every Tuesday and you can browse all week.

Save items you love and match with someone who loves your items back—your Save Match!

Request trades and enjoy! Once a trade is accepted, arrange shipping with your fellow swapper in the chat.

Most-Traded Slow Fashion Brands on Lucky Sweater

Diving into the data, we've identified the top 10 brands that are most traded amongst our Lucky Sweater community members. These brands embody the principles of slow fashion and have proven to be favorites amongst our members. Let's take a closer look at these beloved slow fashion brands that are frequently traded on our platform.

ace & jig slow fashion brands
Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig is known for its vibrant, custom-woven textiles. This woman-founded brand puts sustainability at the forefront, creating timeless, effortless pieces from ethically sourced materials. Traded frequently on Lucky Sweater, Ace & Jig's joyful colors and patterns make them a community favorite.

elizabeth suzann slow fashion brands
Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth Suzann is a Nashville-based brand dedicated to thoughtful, functional, and sustainable design. With a mission to create clothing that honors individual bodies, respects the environment, and challenges the fashion industry's norms, this brand's minimal and versatile pieces are a hit on our platform.

Not Perfect Linen slow fashion brands
Not Perfect Linen

Not Perfect Linen, based in Lithuania, embraces a "small scale production" philosophy. Handcrafting high-quality linen pieces, the brand imbues simplicity and functionality into their designs. The brand’s slow, eco-friendly production methods align perfectly with our community's values, making it a popular choice.

babaa slow fashion brands

babaà produces high-quality knitwear from natural fibers. Committed to local, sustainable production, this Spanish brand's timeless designs offer warmth and comfort. Members love trading babaà pieces for their cozy, relaxed feel and their commitment to a zero-waste philosophy.

ilana kohn slow fashion brands
Ilana Kohn

Ilana Kohn creates clothing with comfort and versatility in mind. A New York-based designer, Kohn's collections are characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and rich colors. Her pieces, frequently swapped on Lucky Sweater, beautifully meld style and comfort.

beaton linen slow fashion brands
Beaton Linen

Beaton Linen's sustainable, slow fashion ethos is embodied in their breathable, natural fiber garments. Their ethically produced, 100% European linen pieces are made to last, making them a sought-after brand in our trading community.

jungmaven slow fashion brands

Jungmaven is a hemp-based clothing brand with a mission to promote the usage of this sustainable fabric. Their soft, durable, and environmentally friendly designs, often seen in trades on Lucky Sweater, are a testament to the brand's earth-first ethos.


Arq creates durable, high-comfort basics from organic stretch cotton. With a focus on inclusivity and simplicity, their comfortable, essential pieces resonate with the Lucky Sweater community, making them a frequently traded brand.

Misha & Puff

Misha & Puff designs timeless, hand-knit clothing for children and adults. Their pieces are made from natural fibers and dyed with low-impact, plant-based dyes, adhering to the sustainable practices our community loves.


Tradlands is dedicated to creating sustainable, high-quality essentials for women. Their commitment to ethical manufacturing and long-lasting designs have made their pieces a frequent feature in Lucky Sweater trades.

Explore these fantastic slow fashion brands and experience the joy of trading their quality, sustainable fashion pieces within the Slow Fashion community on Lucky Sweater!

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