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Valentine's Day has passed but being full of love and appreciation for ourselves, our loved ones, and our environment is forever! If you are needing a pair of undies or fun lingerie to celebrate your beautiful, unique, perfect-as-is body, you can choose to support these six sustainable fashion makers!

While choosing these sustainable lingerie brands, we had in mind multiple criteria: the impact of their production methods on the environment, the sustainability of the items they use, the working conditions they provide to their workers, size-inclusiveness and also the quality of their designs. After an extensive research process, we present to you six brands that satisfied our criteria.

P.S. Have a brand to add to the list, especially one that is BIPOC-owned and inclusive of sizing, let us know by sending us a DM @lucky.sweater !


In Italian, “cosa bella” means “beautiful thing", and the founder husband and wife duo Valeria and Ugo Campello strive to merge beauty with craftsmanship. They have been creating their designs for forty years and all the items are being made in Italy. This Italian lingerie brand works with small family-run workshops of artisans and uses the highest quality local materials. You can see intricate embroidery, the excellence of Italian fabrics and a wide range of underwear for all aspects of life. They have a very diverse range of sizing options and a meticulously created selection of comfy and beautiful underwear.


Materials: Sheer Italian mesh, organic cotton, Italian lace etc.

Prices: $25-$300

Sizes: 28-44 (also many sizing options with cups)

Bum-Cake Vintage

Bum-Cake is a vintage lingerie brand that combines sensuality with ecological thinking. The brand offers a wide range of high-quality vintage lingerie, and is dedicated to celebrating all sizes. Their vintage lingerie selection is based on empowering women to feel confident, sexy, and capable while lowering the overconsumption. Promoting wellness and serenity, Bum-Cake creates an intimate online destination for lovers of curated vintage items.

Bum-cake Vintage

Materials: Depends on the available items.

Prices: $22-$88

Sizes: Sizing depends on the available items, but generally items are between XS and XXL.

VAVA Lingerie

The brand’s designer and maker Alyssa D. Woods says that lingerie has been the favorite part of their wardrobe, and it is evident in the seamless blend of aesthetics, sustainability and comfort. In their home studio on the North Coast of Oregon, Alyssa tries to experiment with sustainable materials that still preserve the allure of modern lingerie and make their products truly fitting. We can say that they are pretty good at it considering the inclusive sizing -XS-6XL-, made to order option and impressive designs. Alyssa summarizes the vision for their brand as follows, “I just want to create comfortable lingerie that fits, and that isn’t made by exploiting people or destroying the planet”, and we are glad they are creating these wonderful items!

Vava Lingerie

Materials: Organic cotton, deadstock laces and mesh, elastics, minimal packaging.

Prices: $54-$180

Sizing: XS-6XL, customization on items is possible.

Fruity Booty

Fruity Booty is a sustainable lingerie brand that takes a whimsical and experimental approach to underwear design. By working with a community of like-minded artists, they create limited-edition collections that are not only unique and beautiful, but also environmentally responsible. All Fruity Booty products are made from deadstock and sustainably sourced materials, and they have a zero single use plastic policy. The brand's designs are nostalgic, colorful, and unique, they are perfect for fashionistas who are looking for a sustainable and creative approach to lingerie. Also, the brand is worn by sustainable influencers on our radar.

Fruity Booty

Materials: Stretch lace, polyamide, elastane, recycled polyester.

Prices: $23-$82

Sizing: XS-XL

Siobhan Barrett

Siobhan Barrett is the perfect brand for those who want lingerie handmade with sustainable materials, and custom-made to fit you perfectly. While handcrafting lingerie with custom measurements, Siobhan Barrett prioritizes designs that you could enjoy however you please. In their designs, you will see the inspiration from natural and urban landscapes, with bold and soft colors and textures that emphasize self-intimacy and a brooding sensibility. Beyond the aesthetics, Siobhan Barrel's lingerie is an act of rebellion, pleasure and preservation. For the brand, “Each piece of lingerie is made for you to celebrate an unapologetic love for self that is an act of rebellion + pleasure + preservation”. In a system that profits from self-doubt, Siobhan Barrett lingerie is an act of resistance.

Siobhan Barrett

Materials: Handmade garments.

Prices: $125-$195

Sizing: Made to Order with your measurements.

Hara the Label

Hara the Label’s story begins with the founder Allie Cameron’s quest for sustainability from India to Bali to Australia. Her attempts to create a brand with quality standards, timeless designs and sustainable practices resulted in the creation of their lingerie line. The brand is located in Melbourne, Australia where every process starts and finishes in the factory. They use natural dyes and they emphasize preservation and durability against the fickleness of the fashion industry. In addition to their sustainable practices, Hara the Label also offers inclusive sizing in all their items.

Hara the Label

Materials: Organic bamboo and cotton.

Sizes: XS-5XL

Prices: $58-$68

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