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We love seeing the Lucky Sweater slow fashion community grow with more kind and giving members! We also know Lucky Sweater is a bit different than a typical app—we’re trading-first, not buying, and we’re all about community instead of overconsumption …as community member Alberta said so beautifully in a recent TikTok post, “because community is such an integral part of sustainability.”

So to help you get started in this new world, we thought we’d share tips from some of our wonderful and first-to-join community members!

Serena in a Wray NYC dress in Mexico City.

What’s the first tip you would give a new member of the community?

Ana, @anarq_wears: Don't be afraid to ask questions and get to know others on the app. It's a great community! Nearly everyone I've interacted with is more than happy to answer questions about their items up for swap, talk to you about fit, and help you figure out if their piece might work for your lifestyle.

Erika, @darlinglakebst: When you first join the app there is a tendency to gravitate toward brands you already know, which is fun, because maybe one of your ISOs is right there, but don’t discount the brands you don’t know! That’s how I discovered Conscious Clothing and now I love them.

Gigi, @gigi_elli_closet: Reach out if you’re interested in someone’s listing! I am a reserved person and I initially felt a little intimidated to send out trade requests. But taking the initiative has brought beautiful clothes—and conversations—into my life!

Serena, @serenasmiled: The first tip I would give to a new member (and have given to a few friends already) is to take your time! For those who aren't familiar with slow fashion, or don't have a lot of items to trade immediately, I recommend spending time in the Community section exploring what people are talking about and what questions people are asking and answering. It's really fun to see everyone share their knowledge and excitement for finding closet gems.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and get to know others on the app.
Gigi in an Elizabeth Suzann trade.

How did you start your first trade and what are your tips for making your first trade request?

Ana: My very first trade on Lucky Sweater was initiated by one of the founders, Carley, (I still love the sweater I got in the trade!). The app makes it really easy to search and filter if you're looking for something specific, or to browse a wide range of things if you are just familiarizing yourself with what people are putting up for trade. Ask questions, and don't be shy about asking for a trade or turning down an offer for an item that just won't work for you. I also love that I can see if someone is local and have swapped day-of with local Lucky Sweater swappers.

Erika: Never hesitate to reach out to make that first trade request - everyone I have talked to is so approachable and kind, and honestly the worst they can say is no! But also, it’s nice to say hi first. :)

Gigi: My first trade was with @iris. I first noticed they had liked an Ace & Jig dress in my closet that didn’t fit me. And so I looked in their closet and liked a pair of Doen flats that didn’t fit them. After asking Iris about the fit of the shoes we traded!

Serena: I've completed 2 trades on the app so far, and both were items I gifted to others! I was even able to drop the first one off locally since the other person and I live in the same area. She gave me a beautiful postcard and a chocolate bar in return, which made it a really sweet and heartwarming experience. (Thank you, Yoshika!)

Never hesitate to reach out to make that first trade request - everyone I have talked to is so approachable and kind, and honestly the worst they can say is no! But also, it’s nice to say hi first. :)
Erika rocking some me-made handknits!

What would you recommend to a member who just started their slow fashion journey?

Ana: Take it slow (pun intended). I love how this community challenges me to think about what works for me, what doesn't, and pass things along that I don't wear. I am also really grateful that in acquiring pieces deliberately, I've grown to really love my wardrobe, cherish the special pieces, and I've completely changed my consumer habits. I swap more than shop now, and rarely feel the need to step foot (or spend money) in fast fashion stores.

Erika: It can be intimidating to get into slow fashion, and I do find it can definitely still encourage consumerism. Don’t discount thrifting! Some of the accepted brands could be found at a thrift store - Patagonia, Eileen Fisher. And maybe you’ll find the perfect trade with those items!

Gigi: Don’t be afraid to take it slow! When I first started my slow fashion journey I relied on purchasing size-fluid pieces in styles I knew worked for me, from either secondhand sources or sample sales.

Serena: Something I've learned over the years in my own slow fashion journey is that it means something different to each person and it will continue to evolve over time. For me, it's becoming less about accumulating the latest slow fashion pieces (even when I want to support all my favorite brands) and more about staying in tune with what makes me feel good wherever I am mentally and physically. Finding the right pieces to trade can take time and patience, but I enjoy the search and process, and it reminds me to take it slow when adding new and new-to-me items to my closet.

Take it slow (pun intended).
Ana in an Elizabeth Suzann trade.

Head to Lucky Sweater and say hi to the amazing Ana, Erika, Gigi, and Serena. :) Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your tips!

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